Friday, 16 September 2011

Wonder, a weekword.

Courtesy of Sally at Sow and Sew, I've decide to join in with the Weekword-ers. The premise is simple... each week someone chooses a word and everyone then writes a post inspired by it.

This week's word is 'Wonder'.

I spent a while thinking about things that fill me with wonder, but couldn't think of anything interesting or unusual to say about them. Clearly having a bit of a dreary week...

So instead, I'm afraid, you're just going to get a brief insight into my mind. These are some of the things I wonder...

I wonder why, when all the rest look like this:

... this chap is a squid?

I wonder what's happened to my pirate outfit, as it's definitely not in the (now pleasantly scented) dressing up box?

And I wonder if the fact that we take so many pictures these days means they won't be as special and treasured when we are old?

My parents, before they were married.


  1. Lovely pictures - the topiary squid is kinda cute, and you make a wonderful pirate wench!

  2. Thanks Sally! Yew Squid is secretly my favourite of all the trees, I just worry he might be lonely without any other leafy cephalopods.

  3. Great photographs and it is always good to have something to wonder about. The trouble is that as you get older there is always more to wonder about...:)