Friday, 9 September 2011

Sadness and Sofas

My feelings about this week are best communicated by my three (?) year old self:


I had a lurgy. I've still got a bit of it, but it's mostly gone

(I also love this picture. I'm not sure which of my parents took it, but strong work in managing to chop off both the top of my head and all of the cats'. I have a feeling I wore that expression quite a lot as a child, so no great achievement in capturing that, but really... they seem to have dressed me in a cushion cover. I can't be blamed for looking glum.)

I have therefore done nothing creative and seen nothing interesting. Apart from lots of House. (Which, incidentally, is probably not the best thing to watch when you're feeling ill.) And lots of sitting on the sofa.

It looks like this. FYI.

But obviously messier.

Thankfully, I recovered enough to come into work today. This is a good thing, because otherwise I could get so bored I'd start building forts out of all the cat paraphernalia I seem to have to purchase every month.

Except I already did that.

Ungrateful cat didn't appreciate it.

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