Friday, 30 September 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: September

Despite the weather trying to fool us all into thinking it's still mid-summer, my calendar's assuring me it is in fact the end of September and so time for another Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt post.

I should probably mention that I've got a new app for my phone (Vignette for Android, if anyone's interested) so, in the usual obsessed-with-a-new-toy way, all this months photos have been taken with that...


This is the straw fox currently perched on top of the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank. Inspiring because it's strange and wonderful and I love the idea that someone must have said 'let's put a big straw fox on the Hayward!' and someone else said 'what a fabulous idea! Get to it!' (Rather than 'why?')

Something I Made

The screen for my screen print. Not the wood/screen part, I bought that, but drawing the design on with drawing fluid and then applying the screen filler was a new experience and I'm pretty proud that I managed it and it worked! (At my screen printing workshop we used photo emulsion - better results but needs a lot more equipment!)

Motifs: Florals

Can't get more floral than actual flowers. (Which Nick bought me for No Reason. Yes, sickening, I know.)


These are some of my vintage frocks and hats. Most of which get worn on a regular basis. 

Craft on the Go

A little confession: I have an idea for this, but I won't be able to take it 'til tomorrow. So I will be back to update, but in the interim...

... have some retro underwear to be a place-holder. (Taken at the Steam Fair, oddly enough!)


As promised, back to update the last picture. I like the underwear too much to delete it though, so it's now an added extra...

My patchwork (and the current issue of Oh Comely) on the train home from Cardiff this weekend.

Go see Kirsty for all the other pictures from this month.


  1. I love the vintage pants! I too am a fan of the Vignette app and am so hooked that it's the only thing I'll use for the scavenger hunt (mainly because the filters are very forgiving...).

    I'm hosting the CPSH for November so please do pop along and let me know if you'll be joining in again :)


  2. Ah yes, a good filter is worth more than rubies. Or something...

    Definitely. Not quite sure what happened to October, but I'm in for November. Looking forward to seeing your topics!