Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CPSH February

This month's topics were thought up by Rachel at The Awesome Lady.


We visited my home town, Salisbury, at the weekend. The Cathedral is a beautiful building, and one that I always find inspiring.

Something I Made

Roasted tomatoes, which I'm mostly proud of because, in making these, I actually did something in real life that I'd pinned on Pinterest!


I forgot about this topic when I chose the Week Word for this week... Or possible was subconsciously inspired? Anyway, here's Vince about to leap. Probably onto something that wouldn't take his weight and would result in a lot of crashing.


Salisbury Cathedral again. I was sitting waiting for Nick when I spotted this creature (dog? horse? wolf?) carved into the stone. I'm guessing it's pretty old, as they tend to frown up on people scratching pictures of their pets into cathedrals these days, and I like to wonder who might have done it.

Motif: Leaves

Does this sort of evergreen have leaves, or are they called something else? Anyway, I loved the contrast of the rich greenness against the blue of the sky.

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  1. That ancient scratched grafitti is fabulous!