Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warm ears. Better than cold ears.

(Just realised I hadn't had a 'better than' blog title for a while...)

It's been very cold here recently. 

Even Staines looks pretty in the snow...

And when everything's covered in snow and fingers are chilly, I've decided knitting is definitely the best craft. I've been hankering after a knitted headband/ear warmer thing for a while as, much as I love hats, if I've got my hair up it can be a bit of challenge to then get a hat over the top of it without looking like I'm channelling Joseph Merrick.

My relationship with knitting is a bit hit and miss. I can knit, quite well and quite speedily, and I can manage fancy stitches and things. But I can't count at the same time so following a pattern is usually a disaster. Oh, and I've never got round to getting any circular needles, so I only like to go in straight lines.

I'm really good at scarves. 

This headband, then, was just based on alternating two rows of knit and two rows of pearl to make it ribbed and keeping on going 'til it fitted round my head. I then blanket stitched the edges to neaten it up a bit. 

I'm pretty pleased with the result - it's exactly what I wanted, didn't cost me any money (as I already had the wool lurking in the spare room), and it was finished in a day or so meaning it's still cold enough to use it! (Although I think that guarantees an unseasonably warm snap now...)

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