Friday, 24 February 2012

Week Word: Journey

Emma came up with our Week Word this week (or rather her boyfriend did, thankfully not insisting on 'seismic'...)

At the moment, there's (boringly) only one journey I'm really thinking about; my journey to work. I've cycled to work for years and I love it... not only does it mean I can eat chocolate with impunity, it also saves me money and means I don't have to start my day being grumpy about public transport.

So when we moved to Staines I was adamant I was still going to cycle. It's quite a long way, so I'm only doing three days a week at the moment but it's really not too awful a route (although some bits are Very Boring) and it means I can literally eat All The Things. 

Here is an entirely inaccurate map of my journey, featuring a few of the things I see.

Go and visit Emma to find out where other people are thinking about journeying to this week.


  1. That is one hell of a cycle route, about twenty miles?! Hats off to you, you're bloody superwoman to be doing that journey!

    PS. have tagged you to choose the next word ;)

  2. It's just better than the train! And thank you, how exciting... I shall get thinking and post a word tomorrow!