Monday, 13 February 2012

Someday Sketchblog #1

Emma at The Gift Shed has suggested I join in with her 'Sunday Sketchblog' feature. This seems like an excellent idea... except that I don't think I've ever managed to post on a Sunday so far, and that seems quite unlikely to change!

So, with a bit of poetic licence, I'm going to go for a (wittily titled) 'Someday Sketchblog' - aim for Sundays but not feel too guilty if I hit Monday instead.

Emma completed a very beautiful, delicate sketch of a cottage on Orkney this week... I'm afraid I've not been anywhere that pretty and I rarely manage anything that delicate, but here's my equivalent: our 'new' house in Staines.

and with a little bit of colour added:


  1. That's a lovely drawing - instantly recognisable! I like it even more with the colour added, and the reflection from the windows is very effective. In fact I'm the other side of the top left window right now! x

  2. I missed this the other week! I love Someday Sketchblog, and I must try and remember to link back to you when I post my next Sunday one :)