Saturday, 18 February 2012

Oh, look! #1

Rather than just keeping them to myself, like some sort of miserly hoarder, here are some things that have caught my eye this week. This is, after all, what the internet is for...

This Classic British Puddings print from notonthehighstreet. It's £25, and I might have already bought one for a friends' birthday.

The Composites is a site that uses 'law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters' to create images of people in books. It's a really interesting idea (and he takes suggestions), but I was particularly amazed because this is almost exactly how I imagined Tess of the D'Urbervilles to look. Although I do think his Edward Rochester has a touch of the Planet of the Apes... (via lostateminor)

c. Lisa Devlin

I'm not sure what these two are doing, but it looks like a lot of fun. (via rocknrollbride)



And a few of my favourite things from Pinterest recently. Click on the images for the original links.

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