Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day of the Pancakes

Yes, I should have posted this yesterday. But I didn't make the pancakes till supper time, and that's far too late for blogging in my (frequently revised, rather unauthoritative) book.

No one needs a recipe for pancakes, do they? And I don't have one to give you, anyway. I put flour in a bowl, add two eggs and milk and whisk until it looks like the right consistency. Admittedly sometimes it's not and the first pancake is more of a slab of stodge, but it's easy enough to remedy that with more milk.

Nick's something of a pancake purist, so had the classic lemon and sugar combination. I had those too, but also a couple with Nutella and Greek yoghurt. They tasted a lot better than these photos suggest...

I was going to ask if anyone else had pancakes, but actually did anyone not? My facebook feed was full of pancake pictures last night, and I sure I kept smelling them wafting out of peoples' houses on the way home.


  1. I didn't. Can you believe I forgot about pancake day here in Japanland?! I'm ashamed!!


    1. Don't they have those fat pancakes with oodles of ingredients in Japan? Have lots of those today to make up for it!